Huoxing Xi Lu 7 Hao Episode 7


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Huoxing Xi Lu 7 Hao

No. 7 West Mars St., 火星西路7号
Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Type: ONA
During the interstellar Spring Festival travel rush, tickets were in short supply. In order to go to Earth for an interview, cartoonist Li Ha was forced to take an interstellar taxi, with a door that didn't even close. Due to a strange combination of circumstances, accidents occurred frequently during this trip, and Li Ha unexpectedly married his beloved wife and gave birth to two children in one day. They are the wife Damei who is wandering around the galaxy, her daughter Nana, the Iron Fist girl, and the robot Xiaodang. This piece of happy pie has been ruining Li Ha for ten years. The mysterious family members who are interstellar agents often provoke alien weirdos, causing them to fall into major crises again and again. Li Ha's adoptive father Li Dalong also begins to show up? (Source: Billibili)

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